Baby's Grasp


I’m so thankful to have received wonderful feedback from the women and families I’ve worked with. Feel free to browse some of their testimonials below.


"Shannon was an amazing support system throughout my 17 hour labor! Our little one came 3.5 weeks early in the middle of the night, and she dropped everything and was by our side the entire time! Her knowledge of the birthing process helped me labor easier and make better decisions. She provided us with an amazing timeline of the birthing process complete with quotes and tidbits we had already forgotten!! She’s professional, warm, personable and very knowledgeable! We are so grateful for her, and highly recommended her services!"

Rose Parmeter-Aubut

"Shannon was there for the birth of my son before she even became a certified Doula. I am so excited to see her pursue this as a career because she is the perfect woman for the job!! Her mere presence is such a comfort & she is so passionate about the entire process from start to finish of motherhood. I’ve had the privilege of being around Shannon in many situations & she has such a calm & nurturing spirit about her. Literally just the sound of her voice is calming & I knew she would help us to have an amazing birth experience & she did! She provided so much support for both my husband and I during the labor and delivery of our first son. I have learned SO much about pregnancy, nursing, L&D, & motherhood from this sweet woman.
We moved away shortly after having our first & I cried actual tears thinking about how she couldn’t be there for the birth of our second! She is knowledgeable, gentle, kind, & cares so so much. I can say from experience that she is one of a kind & one of the BEST Doulas (& humans) in all of KC & maybe in all the Land. :)."

Keri Higgins

"Shannon helped with the birth of my first baby and I couldn't imagine anyone else but her helping my husband and I through it all. Leading up to the birth, she was super helpful in developing a birth plan and going over everything with me and what to expect. I ended up having to be induced and was in labor for 14 hours. She met us at the hospital when the pitocin was really kicking in. She helped my husband and took turns with him applying pressure to my hips. Shannon's calming nature definitely helped me keep my cool and realize that everything that was happening was good and getting me closer to meeting my baby. I'm so grateful I chose her to be there and will definitely be choosing her again when the time comes."

Cassandra Eggert